Hello, my name is Camilla

My name is Camilla, but many people call me Milla. I was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. My passion is to work with visual effects and film. Mainly in post-production but I also enjoy standing behind the camera in action.

More info...

Currently I’m living in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I’ve been living on and off for almost 10 years now. Received my masters in Medialogy spring 2010 and wrote my thesis on 3D in Movies and its future. To briefly describe my academic studies it was a creative process on how to use todays technology in a more creative, innovative and efficient way. I’ve been taught a variety of subjects throughout my studies such as programming, sensor technology, animation, audio design, interactive design, film art to name a few. During my masters I specialized in motion capture, visual effects and cinematography. I consider my self a fast learner and like challenges.

On my spare time I like to explore the world around me. This can be either outside the borders of the country or just in a local park with my camera or hanging out with my friends. I’m very curious to my nature and like to have things happening around me. On the other hand I also enjoy cooking good food, spending the night in and crawling under the duvet watching a good movie.